50 Important ways to Become more Spiritual

50 Important ways to Become more Spiritual:

  1. Study your natal astrology chart
  2. Read spiritual books
  3. Listen to planetary mantras
  4. Chant planetary mantras
  5. Use novena prayer candles
  6. Learn a form of divination (tarot, runes, pendulum, scrying)
  7. Exercise your intuition
  8. Study the chakras
  9. Meditate everyday
  10. Drink herbal teas
  11. Keep a dream journal
  12. Fasting
  13. Grounding- walking barefoot on the earth
  14. Leave an offering for Gods/Goddesses, local spirits, fairies
  15. Wear crystals
  16. Act and dress in accordance with planetary days of the week
  17. Stay in tune with current planetary transits, moon phases
  18. Watch youtubers
  19. Yoga
  20. Take spiritual baths
  21. Recycle and clean up trash
  22. Compliment others and do random acts of kindness
  23. Observe the sabbats
  24. Sauna
  25. Affirmations
  26. Gratitude journal
  27. Take care of your vessel
  28. Write down your goals and visualize them becoming reality
  29. Study palmistry
  30. Study self-mastery
  31. Connect with your shadow self
  32. Have a sacred altar in your home or garden
  33. Study psychology
  34. Study alchemy
  35. Study I-ching
  36. Study intuitive symbolism
  37. Pay attention to your surroundings and how your spirit guides communicate. Colors, sychronicities, television shows, random people, things that are on your mind, animals
  38. Learn Neuro Linguistic Programming
  39. Find likeminded people on meetup
  40. Go for a walk and count as many colors as you can see
  41. Trust that the Universe has your back 🙂

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