Heart Meditation for Emotional Healing

Heart Meditation

This meditation is extremely powerful for healing emotional damage that hasn’t been fully addressed. Anything that needs healing will come up, whether you knew it was there or not. Before you begin, ask your higher self, your spirit guides- or anyone else who resonates with you- to help you feel what needs to be felt so that it can be set free.

Sit quietly and comfortably, taking deep breaths and fully centering yourself until you reach a meditative state. If able, inhale your breaths for 10 seconds, hold them for 10 seconds, and exhale for 10 seconds. Bring your awareness to your heart chakra. Keep your focus here and allow yourself to feel, without judgment, the current energetic state of your heart. Continue to sit with this feeling for as long as you need. Remember to keep yourself centered by focusing on the breath, as you inhale and exhale maintain your awareness in your heart. When you feel complete, set an intention to carry with you throughout the day- such as “I am healing” or “I am growing” or maybe “I am forgiving” and open your eyes.

This meditation works because body and mind are connected; and with intention and practice, they can communicate and work together as one. Most of the time when I perform this meditation, I end up crying about something. But the feeling I have afterward is one of pure lightness, un-attachment, and release.

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