How to Befriend Your Crystals

  Crystal gemstones

Get to know them first

Crystals are more than just pretty little stones…

They are ancient and wise. They possess strong earth energies as well as great powers and personalities.

Different crystals have been found to have different magical properties, and research on what these properties are is always a great way to get to know your crystals. However, nothing you can read in a book or online is going to compare to personal experience. The best way to truly get to know a crystal’s power is to feel it for yourself.

Wearing a crystal on a regular basis will alter your waking life. Sleeping with one on you or under your pillow will influence your dreaming life. It is good practice to journal about any new and significant thoughts, experiences, synchronicities, and dreams you have while under the influence of a crystal. Likewise, take note of these things that have gone absent. When searching for a new crystal, think of what you need it for. Maybe your speech has felt blocked lately. Or you’ve noticed that your mind needs more clarity. Ask the universe to bring you and the right crystal together.

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After bringing home your new crystal

It is always wise to first clear it of any lingering energies. There are many ways to do this. A few of them are cleaning it by smoke, the flame of a candle, holding it in running water (like a stream or river), leaving it in a bowl of salt water, or burying it in the earth.

The next step is charging the crystal, which can also be done in a multitude of ways. Empower it in sunlight, moonshine, starlight, or by visualizing light from the spiritual dimension. Try asking the crystal in what ways it prefers to be cleansed and charged. Trust whatever answer comes to you.


Wear your crystal for a few days and nights without intention, simply feeling its energy and noticing how it affects you. Regardless of what you may have heard or read about it, try to keep a mind open to possibilities. Gaze into it. Meditate with it. Trust that it came into your life for a purpose.

This is the best way to determine if you and your crystal mesh well together. It is also how you get a feel for its unique gifts.


After a few days of wearing your crystal, you should notice its effect on you. In most cases, this will happen even if you did not charge it. Perhaps you will notice that it has a different effect on you than you expected it to. When contemplating this, it is good to know that the color of the crystal usually corresponds to the color of the chakra it is to influence. However many other effects can also occur.

Once you know what your crystal is best at, program it with that as your intention. All you need to do for this is to hold it in your projective (dominant) hand. Tense your muscles to build up your personal power, and when you release them also release your intentions into the crystal. This programming will stick until the next time you cleanse your crystal.

Because crystals are earth energy, doing things in accordance to and respect of mother nature is the best way to repay them for the blessings they bestow. This could be picking up trash, recycling, hugging a tree, laying in the grass, gardening, or anything of the likes.

Before you know it, you will have a crystal friend that will truly take on a life of its own, and who will help you with your very own life too.

Blessed be <3


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