Whenever you feel like you are not coming across in alignment with who you actually are- whether this is physical appearance or personality- you know its time to do a little self care. Instead of spiraling into obsessive, negative thought patterns, do a self- love ritual and let the universe figure out the rest. Bonus points for doing it on a Friday, the day of Venus.

Start with a spiritual bath, with salt added to the bath water for purification. Herbs and essential oils are also highly recommended. Light a pink, yellow, or white candle charged with the intention of self love, confidence, beauty, etc. I spend the bath time meditating, and sometimes multitask by wearing a face mask of honey while I am in the bath. Focus on cleaning the mind. You can ask your higher self for help with doing so if you find unwanted thoughts are creeping in.

After your bath, grab your mala prayer beads and chant the Venus mantra 108 times. Alternatively, you can listen to the Venus mantra on YouTube, if you prefer. Venus’ mantra will help align you with her frequency of beauty pleasure. Then, get your journal and write a list of everything you love about yourself. Visualize yourself doing healthy habits like exercising and eating right. Visualize yourself wearing extravagant outfits. Visualize anything that would bring you pleasure.

I like to end the ritual by doing some personal grooming. This can be painting your toe nails, or perhaps doing some stretching. As long as it is something for you and your very own pleasure.

Thank Venus for sharing her energy with you. Set the intention going forward that you will focus more on what makes you feel good about yourself, and less on what isn’t perfect yet. Have patience and most of all faith. Namaste.

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