Transform Your Mind This Gemini Season

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Hello and thanks for being here.

I am usually strongly affected as the sun moves through the zodiac, but Aries and Taurus seasons weren’t very remarkable for me this year. Gemini, however, is always an interesting flavor. Gemini represents polarity and the mental and intellectual and loves communicating, thinking, and gathering information. This energy is fast-paced and two-faced.

Although Gemini can get a bad rep, it is just an expression of ancient and universal wisdom: The law of duality. Heads and tails, hot and cold, light and darkness, masculine and feminine, life and death all seem different but are actually the same. Heads and tails are opposite ends of one coin. Hot and cold are opposite ends of temperature, and so on. 

As humans, we tend to apply a label of “good” or “bad” to things depending on our perspective. For example, most people label beauty as being good, and ugliness as bad. In truth, neither one is inherently good or bad, as they are both a part of the same thing, physical appearance. While ugliness seems bad, too much beauty is also bad, as people may become jealous and seek to destroy it. This is why we must choose to focus on balance instead of extremes.

My struggle this Gemini season has come from negative thought forms causing anxiety surrounding my health. These fears have floated to the surface from my subconscious mind and heightened my awareness of them, although I have known they were there for a while. Immediately my reaction was that they are bad thoughts and I should stop thinking them because it is bad to focus on something I don’t want. What I keep forgetting is that then I have to decide what it is I do want. Instead of thinking about how to avoid disease, I should focus on how to achieve health.

This month is the time to work on changing our thinking and belief systems, and it is not going to be easy. Examine your beliefs. What thoughts do you have that block you from receiving more of the kind of thoughts you want to have? What are you blowing out of proportion in your mind? What lies about yourself are you allowing your mind to believe?

The universe wants us to master the mental plane now. We can’t keep putting away our false beliefs to deal with them later. Take time this month to sharpen your mental skills. Writing is a great way to process your beliefs before you embark upon changing them. Remember this is so important because any spiritual practice is impossible without the discipline to clear your mind. To change how you think, practice being skeptical of your thoughts. Remove the emotions behind them and observe them neutrally. This month the phrase “watch yourself” takes on a whole new meaning.

This is all for now, but I will post updates throughout the month of anything that I think can help.

Much love and many blessings.




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