Gemini Season: Survival Guide

Survival Guide to GEMINI Season:

The zodiac sign of Gemini, a.k.a. the twin represents the duality of life. It loves the mental and intellectual, communication, thinking and gathering information. Gemini an air sign ruled by the planet Mercury. Gemini energy is fast-paced, and although it can get a bad rep for being two-faced, it is just an expression of ancient and universal wisdom: The Law of Duality. The Law of Duality states that Opposites are actually the same, just different sides of the continuum. Heads and tails are opposite ends of one coin. Hot and cold are opposite ends of temperature. Light and dark are opposite ends of illumination… and so on. 

Think about the two opposites of good and of bad. The Law of Duality reminds us that you cannot know good if you didn’t know bad; one does not exist without the other. As humans, we tend to apply a label of “good” or “bad” to things depending on our perspective. For example, most people label beauty as being good, and ugliness as bad. In truth, neither one is inherently good or bad, as they are both a part of the same thing: appearance. While ugliness is generally perceived as bad, too much beauty can also be bad, as people may become jealous and seek to destroy it. This is why we must choose to focus on balance instead of extremes.

My struggle during Gemini season is heightened anxiety. When you are in a similar situation, a good reminder is that instead of thinking about what’s making you anxious, you have to decide what you do want- and focus on that instead. Now let’s apply this to the Gemini principle of polarity. Rather than focusing on the thing causing anxiety, choose to think about it’s opposite instead. For example if you are experiencing uneasiness about health, instead of worrying about how to avoid illness, focus on how you are going to achieve well-being. Then take the actual steps you need to take. Being all talk and no action is a possible pitfall to look out for with Gemini energy. 

Make the most of Gemini season by:

  1. Writing is a great way to process your beliefs before you embark upon changing them, and it’s a great outlet for air energy.
  2. Practice being skeptical of your thoughts. Remove the emotions behind them and observe them neutrally.
  3. Talk to friends and family on the phone.
  4. Do something creative! Like writing a song, or a poem.
  5. Find a sick beat on youtube and freestyle rap or sing to it. 
  6. Meditate and take really deep breaths. This is always great to do but especially since Gemini is an air sign!!
  7. Practice your autograph, cursive, calligraphy.
  8. Play an instrument like piano, guitar, drums, harmonica, any instrument you want. 
  9. Steam your face! It is soothing, relaxing, and rejuvenating.
  10. Research! Whether it’s a hobby, an interest, or something that will make you better at school or work.
  11. Socialize. Better yet, host a party.
  12. Go for a really long run, this builds mental stamina.
  13. Fasting. This also builds mental stamina.
  14. Reflect. Observe. Gemini season is a perfect time to detach a little and get a broader perspective on your life so far and the people and situations in it. Perhaps you need to re-evaluate what approaches you are taking. 
  15. Strengthen your left-brain right-brain connection through alternate nostril breathing techniques.


The lesson Gemini teaches us is perspective, oneness, and dissolution of the ego. 




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